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Cleanings and Exams
Marysville, WA

Woman in dental chair smiling during her dental cleaning and exam at Grove Street Family Dentistry in Marysville, WA.Dental cleaning and exam appointments are so important to your oral health for a number of reasons. We look for current problems, potential problems, and use that time to educate our patients on tips and techniques for better oral health. Our team at Grove Street Family Dentistry hopes to create a working relationship that will benefit you now and for the extended future in caring for your teeth.

At least once, and for some patients twice a year, we hope to see you for preventive care. This appointment is broken into two main categories, a dental cleaning with our professional hygienist and then a thorough dental exam with Tania Tran, DMD.

Dental Cleanings

A dental cleaning is a multi-step process that includes obtaining information about the health of your gums, assessing the levels of decay, removing any tartar or calculus and then polishing the teeth for a sparkling shine. Your cleaning appointment may include:

•  Measure Gum Pockets: One of the first steps in your dental cleaning is to evaluate and measure the depth of your gum pockets. This is associated with gum disease and the level of development. Measurements between 1-3mm is within the healthy range, measurements above 4mm is an indication that infection is present. We will want to remove the source of the infection and induce a healing response. This may be done through scaling and root planing.
•  Review Level of Decay and Tartar: We will want to review and assess the amount of plaque, tartar and calculus buildup that is present. There are steps we can take to assist patients who suffer from higher levels of buildup, we may offer to place dental sealants if the patient has deep nooks and crannies that plaque is likely to sit undisturbed by brushing.
•  Remove Tartar and Calculus: Our hygienist will remove any tartar buildup. For most of our patients, we may do this using an ultrasonic scaler followed by hand scaling and then smoothing the roots by root planing.
•  Polishing: Polishing your teeth removes most extrinsic stains, such as staining from foods and drinks. It will not remove intrinsic stains that can come from fluorosis or from medications that cause intrinsic stains.

Dental Examinations

Your dental examination will be completed by Tania Tran, DMD. This is done to help us detect and then prevent health issues before they become more serious. Sticking with a consistent dental provider means that we can see changes as they occur, by comparing previous information to current information, we can catch changes, allowing us to better detect problems.

Dental examinations generally include the following steps:

•  Digital X-Rays: Digital x-rays are a great tool to help us see hidden problems. We look for signs of infection, evaluate impacted teeth, and any other indications of possible problems.
•  Gum Disease Screening: The health of your gums is vital to your oral health. Gum disease is a very common disorder that we hope to help our patients combat through regular preventive care.
•  Decay Evaluation: Catching decay early can save you considerable pain and expense. We want to remove decay and help you keep your teeth healthy. We have tips, education and tools to help.
•  Oral Cancer Screening: A quick painless checkup, looking for the signs of oral cancer can be vital to your overall health. We look for changes in tissue coloring and texture, while also looking for lumps, bumps and sores. Finding any of these symptoms just means we may want to recommend a closer look.

Call us at (360) 659-3200 to schedule your cleaning with us!
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Cleanings and Exams | Tania Tran DMD - Marysville, WA
Grove Street Family Dentistry performs dental cleanings and exams to ensure our patients are getting the proper oral health care possible. Learn more here.
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