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Do You Need a Dental Bridge?

Posted on 5/9/2022 by Office
Do You Need a Dental Bridge?69 percent of Americans have at least one missing tooth. Whether the reason is an accident, a failed root canal, tooth decay, or gum disease, a treatment is necessary to enhance chewing and self-esteem. A dental bridge is one of the most common techniques of replacing lost teeth. We'll go through the many types, price, applications, and alternative therapies for dental bridges.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Millions of Americans use dental bridges daily, but the term is not as familiar as procedures such as root canals or tooth extractions. Bridges are used to restore missing teeth by attaching to neighboring teeth in areas where teeth have been lost. Abutment teeth are the anchoring teeth on either side of the fake tooth. Dental bridge materials range from metals such as gold or specific alloys to ceramics such as zirconia and porcelain. The sort of material utilized in your situation will be determined by pricing, location, and unique demands.

Types of Dental Bridges

If you are a good candidate for this sort of restoration, you should educate yourself on the many types of dental bridges. The classic bridge is the most common form. Dental crowns on each side of the gap hold the pontic in place. A molar can be replaced using this bridge. Because enamel does not regrow after it is removed, the choice to acquire a crown is irreversible. Cantilever bridges, unlike regular bridges, support the pontic on just one side.

When there are several missing teeth next to each other, these are typically needed. Unfortunately, this model has a single-sided support structure and can be less stable. In a Maryland bridge, the pontic is supported by porcelain or metal arms or wings. When teeth haven't finished growing, such as in adolescence, this dental bridge option makes sense. Basically, an implant-supported bridge makes use of dental implants to support a bridge, usually in cases requiring several artificial teeth. An implant can replace a single missing tooth, eliminating the need for a crown on a natural tooth.
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