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What Is Dental Plaque and How Can I Get Rid of It

Posted on 1/24/2022 by Office
What Is Dental Plaque and How Can I Get Rid of ItPlaque is the sticky film forming on teeth when there are bacteria that have mixed with sugar and starchy foods. Everyone develops dental plaque. Brushing and flossing your teeth is what removes plaque. It leads to cavities or caries, a less severe form of gum disease called gingivitis, and tooth loss. Visit the dentist regularly to remove plaque and tartar.

What causes plaque

If bacteria in the mouth mix with starchy and sugary foods, they form a sticky substance called plaque. The foods that make plaque formation possible include sweets, pasta, fruit, juice, and bread. The bacteria in the mouth release acids and it breakdowns the carbohydrates in drinks and foods. Brush the teeth soon after you eat and drink to prevent plaque from forming.

Treatment of plaque

Good dental health means that you brush and floss daily at least twice a day, this is because it prevents the build-up of plaque and tartar. The dentist will remove plaque and tartar from teeth using a scaler and probe and if the dentist notices that your teeth have oral problems they may recommend dental sealants to keep the plaque from forming, dry mouth medication so that your mouth produces saliva more. The dentist might also recommend fluoride treatments so that they can slow down the bacteria that cause plaque formation and tooth decay. Finally, they might recommend the use of antibacterial mouth wash.

How can I prevent plaque?

To prevent dental plaque, you need to brush and floss daily, chew sugarless gum mainly after drinking and eating, choose to eat healthy foods that do not have sugars, and are less starchy and acidic. You can opt for nutritious foods like cheese, raw vegetables, and plain yogurt. Ensure that you see the dentist regularly and finally use an antiseptic mouth wash. We will restore your dental health if you visit us.
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