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Tooth Loss
Marysville, WA

 Woman holding cheek due to tooth ache from Grove Street Family Dentistry in Marysville, WAExperts warn that preventing tooth loss may well be within your control. But first, you must be aware of the various risk factors for tooth loss due to gum disease:
•  Being male
•  being 35 years of age and older
•  Never having professional dental care performed
•  Never using a toothbrush
•  Having a history of smoking
•  Diabetes
•  High blood pressure
•  Rheumatoid arthritis

Studies show a person is at a higher risk of losing their front teeth due to gum disease if they have rheumatoid arthritis.
For obvious reasons, you can’t control factors such as your gender and age. But factors such as smoking and brushing your teeth require making lifestyle changes, which is entirely up to you.

Replacing Teeth

Periodontal disease is frequently cited as the leading cause of tooth loss. It is widely spread around the world.
Regardless of your reasons for tooth loss, most patients have two options: implants and bridges.


Implants are often used to replace a single tooth. This is a strategic process that requires careful evaluation of the bone mass where an implant is to be placed. It is not viable to place an implant tooth if it doesn’t have enough bone mass for support.

Time is of the essence, however, as tooth loss kick starts a process of gradual bone loss. In some cases, tooth loss may create the perfect conditions for bacteria to start eating away at the jawbone at the periodontal ligaments that connect the bone to the tooth.


Bridges are preferred in cases where the patient has lost several teeth. It consists of artificial teeth fused to metal crowns. These metal frames are uniquely shaped and sized to ensure a perfect fit for the patient. The bridges will require support from surrounding teeth whether they are natural or implants.

In general, dental bridges are more affordable and take less time than implants. They are also less invasive, which is why so many patients prefer them. By comparison, implants require surgery.

Which Option to Choose

Now that you know about the two major options available to you, it is important to get in touch with us for the best course of action. We will evaluate the state of your gums, teeth, jawbone, lifestyle factors, and overall health before making a suitable recommendation.

Notify us of any chronic conditions you may have, such as diabetes, which could affect healing. If you are on certain kinds of medication that could interfere with the healing process, you should disclose that to the dentist as well.

Dental bridges and implants are considered to be an extremely wise choice if you have experienced tooth loss. Professionals recommend you make an appointment with your dentist if you have tooth sensitivity, pain, or swelling around your mouth. These are signs of tooth decay that require urgent attention from a dentist.

Contact us at Grove Street Family Dentistry to schedule a consultation and evaluate the best option for you. Reach out to us (360) 659-3200 to learn more.
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Tooth Loss Marysville, WA | Grove Street Family Dentistry
Experts warn that preventing tooth loss may well be within your control. Schedule a consultation with Grove Street Family Dentistry today! We are here to help!
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