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Digital Radiography
Marysville, WA

Dentist pointing at digital x-ray at Grove Street Family Dentistry in Marysville, WAAt Grove Street Family Dentistry, we take a closer look at your teeth and mouth with amazing accuracy, thanks to our digital radiography technology. Also known as digital X-rays, digital radiography is a radiography method that uses an electronic sensor rather than photographic film.

As we live in the information age, digital X-rays are fast becoming adopted by the majority of dental offices. Digital X-rays allow dentists to take images of specific areas of the teeth and upload them to imaging software. Within this program, various tools will help our dentist look at the teeth and mouth very closely with pinpoint accuracy.

As the system allows our dentist to control the size and exposure of each image, they’re able to detect disease immediately. The image quality is far better than that of traditional films and helps our dentist find minor flaws that may otherwise not be seen in films.

Digital Radiography Benefits

Less radiation: The digital radiography equipment exposes patients to minimal radiation. The equipment uses up to 90% less radiation than traditional film X-rays. This does not necessarily mean that film X-rays are dangerous, but digital X-rays are a great option for patients who regularly have X-rays or those who have concerns with film X-rays.

Higher quality images: Traditional X-rays produce images that can be difficult to view, but digital X-rays have gotten rid of the “one-size-fits-all” mindset. Once on the computer screen, digital X-ray images can be enlarged for a better view of your tooth’s structure. Our dentist can also adjust brightness, color, and contrast, allowing them to see small cavities easily.

Shorter dental visits: Digital radiography may also make your dental visit with us shorter. With conventional dental X-rays, you’ll need to wait for the dentist to develop the film. With our digital radiography, the electronic sensor develops the image almost immediately and displays it on a computer monitor right before your eyes.

Environmentally-friendly: Digital radiography is friendly to the environment. It doesn’t use chemicals to create a film. Also, there’s no need to use a darkroom and store film, which may pile up in our dentist’s files.

Transferring dental records: With digital radiography, dental images can be quickly sent to a dental professional for review via email. Digital X-rays are doing away with the time and expense required to copy and mail files to another dentist. This makes it easier to receive a second opinion or transfer dental records.

Digital Radiography Safety

Anytime there’s radiation, there will be safety issues, even with the negligible amount involved in dental digital radiography. So, with our digital X-rays, we’ll protect the patient with a lead apron. For pregnant patients, we’ll give them a lead thyroid collar to wear.

Pregnant women can receive up to 4 radiographs per visit, but we recommend delaying radiographs until the end of the pregnancy. Women who are trying for a baby or those who are breastfeeding don’t need to put off X-rays.

If you’ve got any question about our state-of-the-art dental diagnostic equipment or need a digital X-ray, please contact Grove Street Family Dentistry at (360) 659-3200 today to schedule an exam.

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At Grove Street Family Dentistry, we take a closer look at your teeth and mouth with amazing accuracy, thanks to our digital radiography technology. Call us today!
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