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Dental Implant Placement
Marysville, WA

An example of a jaw with dental implant at Grove Street Family Dentistry in Marysville, WA.The dental implant process can be complicated. However, with the right information, the stress and uncertainty that often accompanies patients can be dissipated. At Grove Street Family Dentistry, we prioritize the patient and ensure they have as much information as possible when making choices about the dental implant placement procedure.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a prosthesis that is implanted into the jawbone. It integrates with the bone of the jaw. It supports a dental prosthesis like a dental crown, dental bridge, or denture. They basically provide a foundation for the attachment of either removable or permanent replacement teeth. They are surgically placed and can either be made of titanium or zirconia.

Dental Implants Step-By-Step

First, a dentist does a consultation whereby a CT scan of the mouth is obtained, and an individualized treatment plan is created based on the scan. The dentist answers most of the concerns regarding the procedure including the duration it takes to fit implants, the recovery time frame, and what to expect.

Second, a pre-procedure exam is done. The dentist inspects the mouth to see that no underlying issues can impact the procedure. If any dental issues are present, then they have to be tackled first.

Third, the dentist anchors the screws, and you are given temporary crowns as the mouth heals. There will be some soreness after the implants have been anchored to the bone. After several months, you will be back to get your dental crowns.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Lost teeth can be replaced with dental implants. There are a number of reasons why people decide to get dental implants. To begin, they mimic real teeth remarkably well. Dental implants are created to mimic the appearance, feel, and performance of natural teeth. Furthermore, implants provide patients with the assurance to smile, eat, and interact socially without being self-conscious about their dentures. In a second vein, they result in better chewing and eating.

Dental implants, like natural teeth, are secured in the jawbone. In the long run, they will aid in bone preservation of the jaw and cut down on bone loss. If you are missing your permanent teeth, dental implants can help you eat and speak more comfortably. Facial and skeletal enhancements are another benefit. By removing the need to grind down healthy tooth enamel as is done with traditional bridgework, dental implants help to preserve healthy teeth.

Additionally, they will prevent the jawbone from deteriorating and the bone resorption that causes it. Due to them taking pressure off of neighboring teeth and other oral structures, dental implants are great for preserving your natural teeth and stopping the bone resorption and deterioration that leads to a decrease in jawbone.

What To Expect After Dental Implants

After having the dental implants surgically placed, there are several things to expect. First, one should expect a relatively lengthy recovery process. The dental implant procedure can require months of recovery. Further, one should ensure they take care of their dental implants and maintain the highest levels of dental hygiene.

Dental implants have become the premier solution when it comes to issues of tooth loss. Grove Street Family Dentistry will offer you the very best in information and dental services regarding dental implants. Reach out to us at (360) 659-3200 and schedule an appointment.
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Dental Implant Placement • Marysville, WA • Grove Street Family Dentistry
At Grove Street Family Dentistry, we prioritize the patient and ensure they have as much information as possible when making choices about the dental implant placement procedure. Learn more here.
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