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How Can I Fix My Stained Teeth

Posted on 12/5/2022 by Office
Image comparing stained vs. not stained teeth.Stained teeth are challenging dental alterations that can impede joy and smiling for a patient. They form over the years and are caused majorly by our poor dental habits and diets. Also, stained teeth can signal the presence of a dental problem.

The stains cause the smile to lose its original appearance. The primary cause of staining in many people is poor oral hygiene, although there are other habits, specific medications, and foods that cause discolorization of teeth.

How do I Fix My Stained Teeth?

To permanently fix stained teeth, several dental processes are necessary. However, determining the origin and extent of the stain spots is vital. Visiting a dental clinic helps you to know the appropriate treatment for stained teeth by performing a diagnosis and an oral examination. Additionally, you can fix stained teeth with various dental treatments, including the below.

Dental Cleaning

It's the easiest and fastest procedure for fixing stained teeth. A professional dental cleaning removes stains from prolonged tobacco use and unhealthy eating habits. During this dental procedure, dentists use brushes with a special paste to remove surface stains and help in recovering the natural white color of teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening helps to fix stained teeth. There are many teeth whitening procedures however, you should consult your dentist to treat your stained teeth properly. Teeth whitening involves using splints with whitening gel that the patient places on the teeth. The gel is left on the teeth in addition to proper oral hygiene practice to last longer.


Another way to fix stained teeth is by the veneer treatment. Depending on the extent of discolorization, the dentist can use porcelain veneers or whitening to treat the stained teeth. Finally, to get the best treatment for your stained teeth, visit us at our dental clinics and receive the best solutions.

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