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Filling Options for Front Teeth with Cavities

Posted on 9/5/2022 by Office
Image of a person touching cheek due to a potential cavity.In the modern world, cavities are not as big of a problem as they were in the past. This is because people can now visit a dentist and get teeth reconstruction and other treatments. Currently, dentists offer tooth fillings to replace missing or fractured tooth parts. All this is due to evolvement and advancements in dental technology. A patient is advised to consult with a doctor to understand the various methods applicable in tooth filling. A patient should understand that the front teeth require special attention as it is what the public will see.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing A Filling

A dental patient needs to consult a dentist and understand all the available types and methods of tooth filling. It is important for the patient to speak out about the exact position and size of the tooth cavity. It is also important for a patient to recommend how he/she intends to keep the tooth filling. A patient should explain to the doctor his/her cosmetic recommendations in order to understand what the cosmetic image will look like. Costs of procedure and fillings are also involved in choosing the right filling for a patient.

Filling Options Available to A Patient

There are three main types of tooth filling. First, there is dental amalgam, also called silver-colored fillings. There are also gold fillings that are visible but last long. Thirdly, there are composite resins also called tooth-colored fillings. It incorporates quartz and glass. This is the best type of tooth filling for front teeth as it usually does not draw attention. It also fits well with a person's dental formulae. A patient is advised to get the fillings that are comfortable for them and fit best with their dental formulae.

Visit our clinic today and talk to one of our dentists about the intended fillings for front teeth cavities. Our dentists are well equipped to answer all your questions.
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