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Hidden Acids in Some of Your Favorite Drinks

Posted on 7/12/2021 by Office
Hidden Acids in Some of Your Favorite DrinksAcids are in everything we eat and drink, but some foods and drinks are worse than others for our dental health. Acids are an issue for our teeth because they soften the enamel of our teeth, making them more susceptible for decay and infections. In fact, this is such a well-known problem that our bodies have adopted a way to help repair the damage that is caused by acidic drinks and foods. However, our bodies are only able to repair so much when we have an entire world of drink and food possibilities to explore.

Hidden Acidic Drinks

There are some clear contenders for acidic drinks in our heads; things like dark soda spring to mind almost instantly. This is actually partially because they have high sugar content, but they also have a sour, tangy, spicy taste that is part of their flavor. So, when we think about acidic drinks, we don't normally think about sweet drinks as an issue. Some drinks with hidden high-acidic levels include apple juice, Sobe Life Water, Snapple, V8 juices, 5-hour energies, even Gatorade.

So What Do We Do?

With so many hidden acids in our drinks, we can really do only a few things outside of being mindful about them. For starters, drink more normal water—not sparkling or flavored. You should be drinking water consistently throughout the day, so you should realistically never be thirsty or have a dry mouth. When we do choose to drink one of these, we should consider drinking them through straws to lower the time they are in our mouths. Further, we can set a timer, and after 30 minutes, we can brush our teeth to help remove the sugars and acids which might still be in them. There are a lot of hidden acids in the world we live in; if you'd like some guidance or have dental questions, give our office a call.
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