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Personal Tissue vs. Donor Tissue for Gum Grafting

Posted on 4/12/2021 by Office
Personal Tissue vs. Donor Tissue for Gum GraftingMany people view gum recession as an aesthetic issue. They don't know that when the gum line wears off or pulls back from the teeth, it can cause numerous oral health issues down the line such as sensitivity to hot and cold foods, periodontal problems, and even tooth loss. 
A prevalent way to regenerate and restore receded gums is grafting. For the graft material, you have the option to choose between your personal soft tissue or donor tissue. Both have their pros and cons. Nonetheless, the final decision will always be yours. 
Continue reading to learn more about both options: 

Personal Tissue Grafts

If you decide to use personal soft tissue (called an autograft) sourced from your mouth, you will get the option to choose from two types:
•  Free gingival graft
•  Connective tissue graft

Both types comprise extraction of tissue from your mouth's roof and attaching it to the affected area.


•  Autograft is entirely natural as it's extracted from self-gum tissue
•  Augments gum thickness
•  Proven to give predicted results


•  Higher discomfort
•  Tissue integrity differs depending on the harvest location and quality
•  Addresses only limited gum recession areas

Donor Tissue Grafts

The key benefits of donor tissue grafts are that unlimited areas can be treated in a single session. Whereas autografts can address limited areas in a single session due to invasive tissue harvesting. Allografts and Xenografts are the two available kinds of donor grafts.


•  Unlimited areas can be treated in a single session.
•  Less discomfort and pain
•  Preserves existing gum tissue
•  It can grow ample strong gum tissue


•  Requires fitting quality of gum tissue
•  It doesn’t work well with rotated and inclined teeth.
•  Requires extensive training and expertise
•  It doesn’t work well with teeth that feature bone loss

If gum recession is affecting your oral health, smile, and the ability to enjoy your favorite food, Tania Tran, DMD at Grove Street Family Dentistry can help. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call us at (360) 659-3200
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