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Types of Cavity Treatments We Can Offer

Posted on 2/22/2021 by Office
Types of Cavity Treatments We Can OfferWhen we treat cavities, we can offer several treatment options. Before we can discuss these options, however, we must assess the nature of the cavity. We can use different treatments to prevent the spread of decay, remove decay and fill the tooth, or clean out the canals of a deeply decayed tooth.

Types of Cavities and Their Treatments

In some cases, a cavity may be defined as an occlusal cavity. This type of cavity affects the smooth surface of a tooth's enamel. The further spread of decay can be prevented with a professional fluoride treatment. A pit and fissure cavity, as the name suggests, affects the pits and fissures of the molars, or the deep grooves on the teeth. These cavities can be prevented or treated using sealants. Sealants serve as a shield for the underlying layers of a tooth. The main type of cavity that is recognized and treated is called a root cavity. Therefore, we typically offer two primary methods when treating this type of dental decay.

How Root Cavities Are Treated

When we treat a root cavity, we remove the area of decay and fill the tooth, in most cases, with a composite resin - a substance that matches the color of the healthy, surrounding teeth. If the decay has deepened and affects the pulp, we perform a root canal by removing the pulp, cleaning the root canal(s), and sealing the tooth to safeguard it from infection. We complete the procedure by placing a dental restoration, usually in the form of a crown. Should a root cavity be detected early, we may be able to stop the decay from spreading by performing a deep cleaning and applying a fluoride treatment.

We want you to experience less decay and a healthier mouth. That is why we want you to schedule regular cleanings and exams. If you have not done so already, and believe you need to have a tooth filled, give us a call and set up an appointment for a dental cleaning and exam.

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