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What to Do If You Think You Have an Abscessed Tooth?

Posted on 10/19/2020 by Office
What to Do If You Think You Have an Abscessed Tooth?Do you believe your tooth is abscessed? If so, don't try to take care of it yourself before you call us. You need to contact us immediately and tell us what is going on. After you give us a call, practice the following measures until your scheduled appointment. It is also helpful to learn more about an abscess and how it develops.

What Is an Abscess?

According to the Mayo Clinic website, a tooth abscess is a bacterial infection that causes a pocket of pus to form. Abscesses can develop in various areas of a tooth. For example, a periapical abscess occurs at a root's tip while a periodontal abscess at the side of a tooth's root. Gum abscesses may also form in the gingival tissues. Periapical tooth abscesses result from decay that has not been treated or from an injury or previous dental work. This common type of abscess is treated, by draining the cyst and getting a root canal. 

Taking Care of Abscess Pain

If you have facial swelling and pain, or have a bad taste in your mouth, you will find temporary relief by rinsing your mouth with a lukewarm saltwater rinse and by taking an over-the-counter pain reliever, such as Ibuprofen. Ibuprofen can be used to reduce the related swelling as well. You cannot wait to treat an abscess, as the infection can spread and affect your jawbone. If you have trouble with breathing, go to an emergency room without delay. This means the infection has spread and you are in danger medically. Even if the abscess ruptures, you still need to have the pustule treated professionally.

Abscesses do not go away on their own. You need to contact us as soon as possible when you have this type of dental emergency. If you suspect an abscess, call us and tell us what you are experiencing. Don't downplay this type of oral condition, as it can become more severe and lead to a life-threatening emergency.
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