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The Acids of Sports Drinks Make Them a Bad Beverage Most of the Time?

Posted on 12/25/2019 by Office
The Acids of Sports Drinks Make Them a Bad Beverage Most of the Time?Sports drinks have been around for years now. They have been popularized by aggressive campaigns done to market the products as a go to rehydration and reenergizing package for those on and off the field.

As such, millions of people buy them and consume them on the daily without knowing how much damage they are doing to their very teeth. Today, you will find all sorts of energy drinks in every convenient store or supermarket you enter. However, although the drink is delicious, it is causing more harm to your teeth and mouth in general than you think.

Here is why:


There are tens of brands all supplying their own sports drinks to various markets countrywide. However, one of the things all these brands have is sugar; a lot of it. Although these products have electrolytes such as sodium and potassium, a 12-ounce bottle can have as much as 21 grams of sugar to it. While some people might argue that its way less than some sodas, it's still a significant number. This sugar is lethal to your oral health since it will feed the bacteria in the mouth waiting to create some cavities.


To keep the products on the shelf for a longer period of time, most of these manufacturers will give the drink high citric acid content. This gives it that nice taste, but it's quite dangerous for your teeth. Since the body's outer tooth is made of minerals, the acidic nature of the drink causes it to strip the enamel off, thus leaving the tooth defenseless against cavities and tooth decay.

Since the electrolytes in the drink play a crucial role in helping the recovery of the athlete, there are a few things you can do to keep your tooth's integrity safe. First, don't brush your teeth immediately you have drunk the sports drink. Since the enamel is week, you might brush the outer layers away. Also, make sure that your mouth is well hydrated; a dry mouth can bring you a whole lot of problems.
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