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Ways to Keep Your Gums Healthy When You Eat Acidic Foods

Posted on 11/15/2019 by Office
Ways to Keep Your Gums Healthy When You Eat Acidic FoodsHigh acid foods and drinks can wear away your teeth. Sugar is not the only villain to watch out for when protecting your teeth.

From fruity drinks to wine, high-acid content foods can wreak havoc on your teeth. That doesn't mean you have to forfeit all acidic foods. How you choose to consume them will change their effects on your oral health.

Acids That Cause Erosion

Your teeth are formed containing good amounts of calcium. Exposing them to acids causes them to leach it from the enamel or protective cover. This, in turn, leads them to break down. Here are sources of acid you may or may not be cognizant of.

No matter if it's red, white, or rose, the wine will soften enamel. Fruit juices most acidic robbers are lemon, cranberry, orange, and apple. Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and limes are on the list. Lastly, sugar doesn't consist of many acids, but it facilitates acid-forming bacteria in the mouth.

Healthier Ways to Consume Acidic Foods

Use a straw when drinking, place it as far back on the tongue to avoid contact with teeth. Finish the drink quickly. The longer you keep reapplying acids the worse it is. Sip water alongside acidic foods. This clears it from the mouth. Eat acidic foods with your meal.

This reduces contact with teeth and helps neutralize it with other foods. Following consuming acidic foods, wait at least 30 minutes before brushing. The acids soften your enamel and by not waiting, you can brush parts of it off of your teeth, opening the door for cavities quickly.

Scheduling routine visits to our office can also help to prevent the damaging effects of acid erosion. Our dental professionals can especially detect weakened areas and decay. We can address it as well as recommend nutritional changes that can ward off a filling in the future. Call us today to schedule a visit.
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