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What to Do if You Experience Dental Trauma

Posted on 10/25/2019 by Office
What to Do if You Experience Dental TraumaThe term dental trauma is when you face fractured, cracked, bent, or lost teeth. It can involve infection of the teeth or the gums escalating quickly. Even rare cases of infection of the tongue, for example, a tongue piercing that became infected. An appropriate diagnosis and a timely response will improve the outcome when you experience traumatic dental injuries. In most cases of traumatic dental injury, the speed of receiving care is key to saving the tooth. The facts are if you stay calm and get help immediately, we can handle the rest. 

Most Common Tooth Trauma

Concussion of Tooth: This is when a tooth is knocked, but is not loose. It's the most common dental injury. No dental care is needed right away. Rarely will the tooth die. A knocked out tooth: This is a dental emergency. A knocked-out tooth needs to put back in its socket by us. We should do this within minutes. Do not wait over 2 hours. Crown fracture complication: This can be a cracked tooth with pulp exposure. There is usually a large piece of the tooth that has broken off. There may be a small red dot in the fractured area. This is the root pulp. It is painful.

To help the pain and prevent further damage, these fractures need to have a root canal performed by our staff immediately. An intruded Tooth: The tooth has jammed deeper into the gum and the socket. We should see this in 24-72 hours. Loosened and displaced teeth: See our dentist. Displaced teeth that impede biting, chewing or closing the mouth need to be moved back. We should see this within 4 hours. If it's a mild pain, then see our office within 24 hours.

Our dentists and team of dental professionals are committed to addressing any dental trauma you may have. Whether you simply need a dental cleaning to a root canal procedure, our staff is always here to provide you with excellent care and compassion. To schedule an appointment, give us a call today. 
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