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Overbite Causes you Should Know

Posted on 1/23/2023 by Office
Image of a smiling woman.Buck teeth or overbite occurs when the top front teeth extend beyond the bottom front teeth. A good percentage of people have a slight overbite. In some cases, severe overbite will result in tooth decay, gum disease, or even jaw pain. It is high time you prevent kids from developing an overbite, for instance, limiting them from thumb-sucking or using a pacifier. Keep reading to learn more about overbite causes.

Small Lower Jaw

One of the most common causes of an overbite is having a smaller lower jaw. If the lower jaw is shorter, it will lead to alignment issues. This means that the lower jaw teeth will keep growing until they hit the roof of the mouth. Whenever teeth grow upwards without control, they tend to cause misalignment issues due to overcrowding.

Tooth Loss

If a child loses baby teeth at an early age, even an adult, teeth shift due to alignment. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, missing one of the lower teeth results in a condition that is the same as having a smaller lower jaw. Therefore, the tooth and jaw alignment issue will come up.

Oral Health Issues in Childhood

At times oral health habits in childhood may result in an overbite. Some of the behaviors by kids that can result in an overbite include thumb sucking, lip sucking, and tongue thrusting. It is, however, essential to note that the impact of the behaviors of the kids will be determined by the frequency as well as the duration of the kid's engagement. Most children like sucking their thumbs. It can, however, be an oral health habit if it is identified in kids beyond the age of five years.

Hereditary Overbite

Experts have also identified that misalignment issues and crooked teeth are dental traits that will often be inherited. If you have an overbite, chances are that you were born with it. It is, however, important to approach your dentist so that they can determine a suitable approach for your problem. There are several options at your disposal. It is high time to start your journey today for a more confident smile.
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